About Us

Pro-Tech Security, Inc., licensed by the State of Tennessee, is a contract security company with an office located at 3624 Park Avenue, Memphis, TN 38111. The company was licensed and incorporated in 1991 by Don O. Lewis who retired as Chief of Police from the Memphis Police Department, and is employed as President and CEO of the company. Chief Lewis realized the need in Memphis and Shelby County for highly trained, experienced, and qualified security officers. He realized that off-duty and retired law enforcement officers would best fill that need and would make themselves available if they received above average compensation and were confident in the security management team.

The management team for operations, including supervisors, all have law enforcement experience. Law enforcement professionals currently make up forty-four percent (44%) of Pro-Tech manpower. All employees of Pro-Tech are licensed by the State of Tennessee to perform security duties. Pro-Tech Security employees consist of approximately 225 uniformed armed guards. Each employee has undergone a criminal history check by the FBI, TBI, and Memphis Police Department, past employment records are also checked by the company. Pro-Tech is a member of the Tennessee Drug Free Workplace where all employees are subject to drug testing.

Pro-Tech Security is committed to providing quality security guard services for its clients and prospective clients. Supervisors and security officers of Pro-Tech Security will provide all enforcement duties and ensure that all policies, regulations, and procedures as related to security will be carried out as requested by all clients. Pro-Tech supervisors and security officers are well trained in the full spectrum of providing security services from a level of unarmed to armed security officers. This service is enhanced by the many years of law enforcement experience represented by Pro-Tech officers.