Pro-Tech Security services are to be accomplished through a combination of mobile patrol, foot patrol, fixed post monitoring of all entrances, exits, and other area of concern for client, and any security system that may need to be monitored as required by the client. These services will be monitored by on duty supervisors and dispatchers 24 hours a day to ensure quality service. Officers and supervisors may also be radio equipped as needed by clients for any special requests or emergencies. Pro-Tech Security will also be responsible for the issuing and maintenance of all security reports, incident reports, statistical information, and files relating to security functions of the client.
Memphis Armed Security
Pro-Tech Security services offered by Pro-Tech Security include:

Uniformed Armed Guard or Unarmed Guard: This officer is available for personal or business needs and will be monitored by an on duty supervisor. Law enforcement professionals ensure the safety of client’s property and personnel.

Plainclothes officers: Professional appearance blended with law enforcement experience to ensure clients security procedures and concerns are enforced.

Neighborhood Patrol: 24 hour patrol service, uniformed armed officer in a marked patrol car that does not leave the client’s neighborhood. Patrol for threatening activity to residents and their property also providing vacation watch program and escorts into residence as requested by residents. Join our service.

Violence in the workplace: Law enforcement professional to provide a safe and secure workplace for client employees. Service also includes the orderly and safe suspension or termination of all types of employees.

Event and Party Security: Security for special events and parties to prevent theft or vandalism of client property and to ensure a secure environment for all in attendance.

Secured escorts: For private or commercial clients to ensure the safe and secure passage of client property and/or personnel.

Dignitary protection/bodyguard service: Law enforcement professionals to provide a safe and enjoyable experience for any dignitary or client. This service may be uniformed or plainclothes, marked patrol car or unmarked car depending on client requests.

Estate security: Mobile patrol or fixed security to prevent theft or vandalism of client property and other valuables on-site.

Alarm response and monitoring: Law enforcement professionals to respond to residential or business alarms or to monitor existing security monitoring systems. When combined with patrol service the client experiences quick and efficient response times.